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Top 7 Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

When choosing a flooring system there are many factors to consider such as cost, installation time, lifespan, style, safety, maintenance, etc. It also helps to come up with a shortlist of benefits or features the flooring system should offer. For example, if you want flooring that absorbs sound, epoxy is not the best solution, but carpet is. If you are looking for a stain resistant flooring that doesn’t collect allergens and dust, you’ll want to avoid carpet and instead consider a solution like Epoxy flooring, which is a great choice to fit that objective. Read on for some key benefits of Epoxy flooring.

1. Appearance

Epoxy has an impressive appearance. One of the first things people do when they see a nice epoxy flooring is compliment it. You can’t say the same for many flooring systems. There is something aesthetically appealing about a shiny new epoxy floor that people like. Carpet, tile, and vinyl tile typically don’t garner the same reaction. Epoxy has that wow factor! It also has a reflective quality that allows light to bounce off of it producing brighter spaces that can appear more open, rather than absorbing the light. There are a variety of colors and additives that can be used to suit your needs.

2. Long Lifecycle

I’ve been in facilities where epoxy flooring has been in place for decades and still looks good. Most of these environments are commercial and industrial and they get a lot of wear and tear. One facility that comes to mind is an old World War II era Boeing plane manufacturing plant that was converted into a warehouse. We were there installing a new 7,000 sq. ft. section of epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring sections remained from decades prior when they were building WWII warplanes. Although some of the older sections were starting to chip in certain areas, that epoxy had been in service for many years and performed well. Now that’s a great flooring investment! There are no guarantees on how long an epoxy floor will last because all facilities operate differently with varying degrees of floor abuse depending on the tools, machinery, and equipment being operated. If your forklifts are dragging pallets or forks across your floor, the epoxy will sustain more damage than a workshop with an occasional tool or part falling. Nonetheless, on the whole, Epoxy has proven to be quite durable and one of the flooring options that can offer a longer lifecycle than many others.

3. Chemical Resistant

Most customers who install epoxy are doing so to protect their concrete slabs from damage due to potential chemicals that can spill. Concrete is porous and absorbs chemicals, water, and oils. Have you ever tried cleaning an oil spill off concrete? It’s no easy task and if you’re not successful, you will have an eyesore stain on the concrete. Epoxy protects against those pesky chemical spills and other problems that can occur. That is why you will find epoxy used in warehouses, auto repair shops, garages, manufacturing plants, food-grade plants, biopharma facilities, etc. When a spill occurs, the epoxy will allow time to clean it up properly without causing damage to the flooring. When choosing your type of epoxy, make sure to consult with your contractor to find the best fit for your facility based on the chemicals, battery acid, or oils you need to contain and mitigate.

4. Maintenance Friendly

Epoxy does not require periodic shampooing like carpet, waxing like vinyl tile, or grout scrubbing like ceramic tile. Epoxy has minimal seams where dirt and grime can accumulate. Epoxy repels dirt, is stain-resistant, and has a natural shine. Epoxy flooring can easily be swept and mopped with water mixed with a mild cleaner (avoid acid-based cleaners). Or for larger areas one can use a push-behind or ride-along floor scrubber. In many cases, a push duster will do the trick.

5. Eco-Friendly

Because epoxy is such a long-lasting solution, choosing this flooring solution aids in the reduction of bulky and heavy materials like carpet, tile, and vinyl floors going into our landfills. It also can increase lighting due to reflection that occurs, which can help reduce energy usage. Epoxy is also great for spill containment and helps to avoid contamination. Rather than absorbing into the surfaces, epoxy flooring helps spills remain on top of a surface for proper cleanup and disposal.

6. Versatile

Epoxy flooring solutions are used in a wide variety of settings for many different reasons. It is common to find epoxy flooring in industrial battery charging areas because of its robust protective qualities against forklift battery acids. Many food-grade and medical facilities use it because it is easy to clean and repels dirt and germs aiding with sanitation. Many automotive workshops use it to protect the concrete from abrasive chemicals and oils that can spill. It is also widely used in aerospace and large laboratory environments because the dust reducing qualities, durability, and professional look. In fact, Epoxy isn’t just an industrial solution; this versatile flooring system is becoming ever more popular with homeowners because of its impressive look and low maintenance.

7. Economical

Compared to many other floor solutions, epoxy flooring is very economical to install and outlasts most other floors. Just like all flooring, the cost will range according to specifications and options. On average, a two coat epoxy floor installation by a professional contractor can run from $6.00 sq ft. To $9 sq ft. The price will range because of location, size of the area, and features selected. For higher quality features such as clear coats, flakes, and special striping, cost may range from $8.00 sq ft to $12.00 sq ft. It is highly recommended to inquire about the method your contractor uses to prepare the concrete because that is one of the most important parts of the process. The best way is to grind or shot blast the concrete causing scoring and roughness. This preparation method provides the epoxy excellent adhesion to the concrete. Lesser forms of preparation may result in flaking and chipping of epoxy.

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