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Tile & Capret Installation

Elevate Your Office Space with Expert Flooring Installations

At TCI, we understand the importance of a well-designed and functional workspace. That’s why we offer unparalleled expertise in office flooring installations, transforming ordinary spaces into inspiring environments.

Our Services

  1. Provide a comprehensive quote for your tile or carpet project.
  2. Move office Furniture when the project begins and ends.
  3. Removal of Old Flooring: Out with the old and in with the new! Our skilled team handles the hassle of removing outdated carpet or tile flooring, ensuring a smooth transition for your office makeover. TCI will also provide haul away services for the debris if needed.
  4. Installation of Premium Porcelain Tile: Elevate your office aesthetic with durable and stylish porcelain tile flooring. Our expert installers ensure precision and quality craftsmanship, delivering results that exceed expectations.

    Installation of Carpet Squares: Add warmth and comfort to your workspace with carpet squares. From vibrant patterns to subtle textures, our wide selection of carpet squares offers wide ranging design possibilities to suit your office decor. Individual carpet squares can be replaced rather than the entire carpet if an accident occurs.

  5. Cove Base Installation: Attention to detail is key in creating a polished look for your office space. Our
    professionals meticulously install cove base molding, providing a seamless transition between walls and
    flooring for a finished touch.

Why Choose TCI?

  • Expertise: With years of experience in office flooring installations, we bring unparalleled expertise to every project.
  • Quality Materials: We source only the highest quality materials, ensuring long-lasting durability and
    aesthetic appeal.
  • Attention to Detail: From precise measurements to flawless execution, we pay attention to every detail to deliver superior results.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We work closely with you to understand your vision and exceed your expectations.

Transform Your Office Today!

Ready to elevate your office space? Contact TCI for expert flooring installations that inspire productivity and creativity in your workplace. Let us bring your vision to life with quality craftsmanship and unmatched service.

Flooring Services offered in Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County. For other inquiries, please contact us at:

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