Best Method to Epoxy Stripe Your Warehouse or Distribution Center

What’s the big deal, all striping is basically the same right? That is what a lot of people may think but couldn’t be further from the truth. When deciding on what type of striping material to use there are a variety of options to choose from and each has its benefits and downsides. To learn […]

Best Techniques to Properly Finish and Stripe A Warehouse Floor – Part 2

This blog focuses on equipping the reader with the most important questions to ask in preparation for your striping project. Our original post “Best Techniques to Properly Finish and Stripe a Warehouse Floor” has been helpful to many, but your questions have led us to revisit this topic and go into more detail. Prework Often […]

Top 7 Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

When choosing a flooring system there are many factors to consider such as cost, installation time, lifespan, style, safety, maintenance, etc. It also helps to come up with a shortlist of benefits or features the flooring system should offer. For example, if you want flooring that absorbs sound, epoxy is not the best solution, but […]

OSHA Warehouse Striping in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties


Is your Riverside warehouse safe enough by OSHA standards? Are you maximizing the efficiency of your San Bernardino facility? Increase productivity in your Riverside or San Bernardino warehouse. Don’t leave the safety of your employees and equipment to chance. Choose TCI Striping in Riverside and San Bernardino areas. Are you having issues with your warehouse […]

Best Techniques to Properly Finish and Stripe a Warehouse Floor

A modern warehouse will usually have specific areas that are striped with specialty tape or paint. These spots are clearly marked for a specific purpose or as a safety precaution. An area could be striped as a forklift path, for example. The question is, how exactly do you finish and stripe a warehouse floor, making […]

Why is Proper Warehouse Striping Important?


Using the proper indoor floor markings is an essential part of any warehouse or distribution center. The main purpose of warehouse striping is to designate specific areas for certain functions. It’s also put in place as a precautionary measure for everyone’s safety inside the establishment. There are a number of various colors of striping that […]

Benefits to Coating Your Concrete Floors

There are many factors that come into play when looking for the best material for your warehouse floors. Many people choose concrete as their preferred warehouse floor material, and it’s easy to see why. Although today you will find options like polished concrete or VCT more common than they used to be in the past, […]

Warehouse Striping FAQ

Preparing your floor is important so that the warehouse striping will last for a long time without requiring extensive maintenance. The need for preparation increases with an increase in the level of activity within a warehouse. You have several options at your disposal. Embedded stripping is the first option and it is suitable for warehouses […]