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Specialty Coating

Durable floor coatings provide a protective and safe surface for work and special use areas. These typically require resistance to oil, chemicals, and battery acids. Our special coatings reduce damage to valuable equipment, flooring, and increase worker safety. Special floor coatings provides workers with a surface that allows for spill control and quicker cleanup. Incorporating special striping in and around these zones provide a visual guide for workers and reduces traffic through contaminated areas and spills.

TCI is highly experienced in providing distribution warehouse facilities with complete floor coatings for a range of uses and conditions. Our services include complete concrete surface preparation using high quality equipment, methods, and materials. Then applying multiple layers of high-quality two-part epoxy coatings that come in a variety of colors.

Existing surfaces that have extensive exposure to previous conditions require removing the existing coatings to create a clean and porous surface to allow for best adherence with the new coatings and materials. TCI’s methods are proven to provide a long-lasting and attractive floor solution.

We use only the best paints and coating materials and offer a range of colors and surface textures that withstand the harshest of work conditions and provide long-term performance.

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Specialty Coating Services:

  • Shot blasting and concrete grinding
  • Concrete joint filling & crack repair
  • Epoxy Flooring solutions
  • Polyurethane clear coat options
  • Polishing
  • Equipment battery charging areas
  • Chemical resistant flooring solutions

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