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Why is Proper Warehouse Striping Important?

Using the proper indoor floor markings is an essential part of any warehouse or distribution center. The main purpose of warehouse striping is to designate specific areas for certain functions. It’s also put in place as a precautionary measure for everyone’s safety inside the establishment. There are a number of various colors of striping that are used to represent different things such as fall or slip risks, fire hazards, or chemical hazards. Today, we will discuss the importance of proper warehouse striping for businesses and distribution centers.


Indoor floor markings should always be done by professionals. This is because they are highly knowledgeable about which markings are the most appropriate for a warehouse. You will also have the guarantee that every marking is done correctly and securely. Poorly executed markings wear down easily and they begin to fade and chip prematurely. Hiring professional floor striping specialists will give you the best results that are long-lasting and up to code. Here is what you can expect from professional specialists like TCI Striping:

  1. They will be able to properly prepare the concrete surface. This is an extremely important step in the warehouse striping process. Similar to how a wood needs to be sanded before it’s painted, concrete also needs to be prepped beforehand. Before the floor striping specialist applies any paint on the concrete floor or walls, the concrete is etched using a shot blaster. This is done so that the current smooth finish of the floor will be removed, allowing the paint to adhere more securely to the surface.
  1. “Floor striping specialists will be able to choose the best paint products for your
    application. When an inappropriate type of paint used to create the markings, it may not adhere properly resulting in stripes not staying in place and failing. Epoxy is one of the more common type of materials used in warehouses and other indoor buildings. Although it is more expensive than other paints, it can effectively stand up to heavy forklift traffic. It can also handle the wear and tear which usually occurs with the movement of pallets and other heavy equipment.
  1. They will be able to perform the correct sealant application. Once the markings have been successfully put in place, it’s important to ensure that the striping is properly processed so it will withstand the test of time. This is done by applying a sealant. Even though it’s not as important as choosing the right type of paint, it is still a necessary step in the striping process because it will help to protect your investment. A sealant is transparent in color and it effectively provides a layer of protection onto the painted surface.


Warehouse striping is important because it heightens the level of safety and security inside an establishment. Although the floor restriping process may look easy, it should only be done by specialists and with knowledge, expertise, and years of experience in the striping business.  They are the only people who can provide you with a guarantee that the entire process and application will be done correctly. Floor striping specialists will be able to complete the job accurately and efficiently which will save you time and money.

TCI Striping is a full-service professional contractor specializing in Warehouse Striping & Specialty Coating services.  With over 40 years of experience, we have earned a reputation as a trustworthy commercial and light industrial contractor with an extensive range of capabilities, qualified experience, specialized training and equipment, and a workforce that pays careful attention to detail. Give us a call and we’ll take care of your warehouse flooring and striping needs.

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