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Pedestrian Walkways

Pedestrian walkways in Distribution Centers are a vital part of keeping employees and visitors out of harm’s way while walking in the facility. They also serve as communication striping that is to be kept clear of debris or product. The walkways are the main arteries of movement that play an important role in the case of an emergency occurring and the building is to be evacuated.

TCI provides several options for pedestrian walkways: traffic paint or Epoxy. Stencils can be added to the walkway for communication purposes. Because the equipment is crossing the striping constantly, we typically recommend to shot blast and epoxy the stripes for the longest lasting-results. If you are not sure of the permanent layout, traffic paint is a better material until that time comes. Whether you are installing a new pedestrian walkway or refreshing your
existing one, TCI is here to help you complete the project.

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