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Best Techniques to Properly Finish and Stripe a Warehouse Floor

A modern warehouse will usually have specific areas that are striped with specialty tape or paint. These spots are clearly marked for a specific purpose or as a safety precaution. An area could be striped as a forklift path, for example. The question is, how exactly do you finish and stripe a warehouse floor, making it uniform and capable of handling heavy traffic? The process is not as difficult as you might think.

Start with a clean surface

The first step is to ensure you have a clean surface. Nothing will stick to dirt, grime, and especially grease. Clean the area well and allow it to dry completely before beginning to try and add lines. Ignoring this step will ensure your material doesn’t apply correctly.

Lines can be added via several processes:

Perhaps the easiest way to do this is the utilization of striping tape. Measure the area that requires striping. Next, add your lines utilizing a quality adhesive tape, such as Tuff Mark. It is an industrial strength floor striping tape commonly used in the industry instead of paint. It comes in several sizes, including 2 inch, 3 inch, and 4 inches in width. You can easily add your stripes in this method, plus you have an option of colors including red, black, white, green, yellow and black, red and white, solid yellow, and blue. Industrial tape is designed to last a long time.

You could also use an aluminum-based floor marking tape that is less expensive. This type will conform more easily since it actually contains aluminum, but it can also be damaged more easily than the Tuff Mark. Fortunately, it is also more easily removed so any damaged areas can be quickly replaced.

You can also use the old method of painting the floor. The easiest way to do this is with a paint striping machines. Your best bet at this point is to hire a professional to come in and do the striping for you. The downside to actual paint is that it will flake off much quicker than the products like Tuff Mark, which can add to frequent touchups and wasted time. It is also slick, which can be a safety hazard. Scuffing and scarring the floor aids in preventing it from becoming too slick, but once again, this is a time-consuming step that is unnecessary when using other techniques.

The final technique is Preformed Thermoplastic. This can produce an unpleasant smell for a short period, primarily because it is actually melted onto the flooring surface. It is a 90 mil thick substance that only works on a porous surface. You can easily test your floors surface by pouring a small amount of water onto the surface. It should begin to sink in immediately. If it stands on the concrete, your floor is likely not porous enough to utilize Preformed Thermoplastic. If it disappears, then your floor is a good candidate for this process. It is a long-lasting material when the surface is compatible.

For the best results, tape is the route to go on any smooth surface. Paints and thermoplastic are highly recommended for more porous areas. If you follow these simple guidelines, you will successfully have a striped floor that will last a very long time and serve its purpose well.

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